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Dhow Cruise With Dinner – 3 Hours

Experience the enchanting beauty of Doha’s city skyline while cruising along the sparkling waters of the Arabian Gulf aboard a traditional wooden dhow. Indulge in a delicious barbecue buffet dinner and create unforgettable memories on this magical evening.

5:30 PM - Evening Pickup from Hotel

Our tour begins with a comfortable pickup from your hotel in Doha. Our friendly guide will greet you and provide you with any necessary information about the tour.

6:00 PM - Arrival at Corniche Boat Terminal

We arrive at the Corniche Boat Terminal, where our traditional wooden dhow awaits. Step on board and be transported to a world of Arabian charm and elegance. As we set sail, take in the breathtaking views of Doha's city skyline and the shimmering lights that illuminate the coastline.

6:30 PM - Dhow Cruise and Scenic Views

Relax on the open-air deck or find a comfortable spot in the air-conditioned cabin as we cruise along the tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf. Admire the panoramic views of Doha's iconic landmarks, such as the Doha Corniche, the Museum of Islamic Art, and the stunning skyscrapers that dot the cityscape.

7:00 PM - Swimming near Safliya Island

As we sail close to Safliya Island, the dhow will anchor, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. Dive into the azure sea and feel the cool embrace of the water. Take your time to relax and make unforgettable memories.

8:00 PM - Barbecue Buffet Dinner

After the invigorating swim, feast on a sumptuous barbecue buffet dinner prepared by our talented chefs on board the dhow. Indulge in a delectable spread of grilled meats, seafood, vegetarian dishes, and a variety of mouthwatering accompaniments. Savor the flavors of local and international cuisine while enjoying the gentle breeze and the mesmerizing ambiance of the dhow.

9:00 PM - Entertainment and Relaxation

As the evening continues, sit back and relax while enjoying traditional Arabic music and entertainment on board. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Qatar as talented performers showcase their skills, captivating you with their traditional dances and live music.

10:00 PM - Return to Corniche Boat Terminal

As our enchanting dhow cruise comes to an end, we sail back to the Corniche Boat Terminal. Take a final look at the illuminated skyline of Doha, capturing the beauty of the city at night.

10:30 PM - Return to Hotel: We bid farewell to the dhow and its crew as we disembark at the Corniche Boat Terminal. Our guide will escort you back to your hotel, ensuring your safe and comfortable return.

** Please Note **

Please note that the timings provided are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and traffic. The dhow cruise includes pickup and drop-off from your hotel, a scenic cruise along Doha's coastline, swimming near Safliya Island, a delicious barbecue buffet dinner, live entertainment, and a memorable evening under the stars. Dress comfortably and bring your camera to capture the magical moments of this unforgettable experience.